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PIANO RENTALS:        Month to Month        Special Event Rentals

Month to Month
Many stores have piano rental programs available.  They often work out to be the old junk pianos that they could not sell and figure that by renting them, they could at least make a few dollars.  That is not how we do things at Bucks County Piano.

People rent pianos for several reasons.  The most common rental situation is with children just starting to learn.  They have expressed some interest, but with kids, who knows?  Will they stick with it or does soccer or ballet take over their entire lives?  Usually about six months of lessons will give you a reasonable indicator of their ability and interest level.  Which is why we have tailored our rental program the way we have - to fit the needs of parents and their future piano playing kids.

Some other common reasons why people rent are if they are moving or have a piano and are unable to use it for a short time because of damage or space situations.  Also, sometimes people want to take lessons for a few months while they are shopping for that perfect piano.  Why wait when you can do both at the same time?

We rent new Pramberger, Young Chang, and Story & Clark pianos new from the factory or from our rental pool

The rental fee is affordable

For up to six months of rental, your rental fee
can be deducted from the purchase price
of any piano we carry if you decide to buy
(that way - the rental has been an investment)

So if you've decided you are probably going to buy a piano but are not quite ready right now because of the kids or finances or space, then consider our rental program.  It just might be the temporary answer to your piano problem.  Why not stop in and take a look or give us a call: 
(609) 730-3933    (215) 946-3388

One-time Special Occasion
Having a party, celebration, or event and have the piano player but not the piano?  Were you picturing a beautiful large grand piano in the middle of the room for everyone to gather around?  Would you like to have that piano for your event?

We have that piano.

Give us a call and ask about our special occasion rentals. 

(609) 730-3933    (215) 946-3388


Bucks County Piano has professional moving friends
and our own storage facilities.

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Keep In Mind
We at Bucks County Piano are very interested in trade-ins.  If you have that old piano in the corner that no one plays anymore and you would love to have something new, or maybe the thought of a grand piano instead tickles your fancy - talk to us!
We like it because we help you to get a brand new piano.  And we then have another instrument that we can fix up and help another family, maybe with young children, to start to learn how to play.  That old piano that you don't play might just be the perfect one for a family just starting lessons that doesn't have the budget for a new one.
Talk to us!  You might be surprised what we can do.

Just Want To Sell It?
Sometimes the piano is just no longer being used.  If you think that it is finally time to say good-bye, call us.  We will be happy to send one of our piano experts to evaluate your piano and, possibly, make you an offer.  It probably makes more sense to put some money to good use rather than having it stagnate, a piece of furniture just sitting unused in your living room.

Please note: our evaluations are based on the ability of resale of the instrument.  For instance, some of the old, very tall upright pianos (50+ inches) are not in high demand right now.  But most of the other vertical and spinet pianos are.  So please, give us a call.  It can be a much better experience dealing with professionals in the piano business than having strangers call you from a newspaper ad, come into your home, haggle about something they know nothing about, and bang into all of your walls and furniture when they try to move the piano out with their friends.

We would appreciate the opportunity to evaluate your piano and discuss with you a mutually acceptable arrangement.
Call us:  (609) 730-3933    (215) 946-3388


Need a musician to play for a special event?

Wedding, cocktail party, catered affair, special get-together?
Restaurant, tavern, speakeasy?

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that are available for hire.

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