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1613 Reed Rd. Pennington, NJ 08534
Serving the Philadelphia region including PA, NJ, and DE


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Deliveries, Moving and Storage

Piano Deliveries
Piano Moving
Piano Storage

Piano Deliveries & Moving

We used to have our own trained and experienced piano movers on our own trucks.  Now they are independent.
We have seen a lot of piano movers.  These guys are the best, without question.  They are smart.  They are clean.  They are polite.  They understand pianos and the investment that you have made.  They understand that they are coming into your home with something large and heavy and difficult to move.  And they work hard to make you happy.

The head of the company is from a family that has been in the piano moving business for generations.  He has seen all sides of the piano world
(and all sides of the piano!).  He has been a part of thousands of deliveries - both easy and difficult.

We trust these delivery men to get the job done right.

Please call:
Duffy Piano Moving

(215) 592-8411
(484) 494-6304

Email ~ duffypiano@comcast.net

Piano Storage

We handle a lot of pianos over the course of the year:
Pianos we stock, pianos we acquire for colleges and schools, pianos we refurbish, pianos we refinish, pianos we rent, pianos we hold, pianos we take as trade-ins, pianos we haven't yet unboxed, pianos we deliver, pianos we store.
Our piano warehouse is large, dry, and clean.

If you find yourself in a situation where you need a safe, temporary place for your instrument
we hope you would consider Bucks County Piano.

We use Duffy Piano Moving to pick up your piano.  They pack up it carefully and blanket wrap it for extra protection.  Then it is kept safe and dry until you are ready to take it back.  And it is delivered with the same professionalism and care as we take with our own piano sale deliveries.

Call us for a price quote (depending upon distance and duration and size of the piano)
(215) 946-3388     (609) 730-3933


Pro Piano Movers and Storage
Need to move or store your piano and live on the West Coast?
Pro Piano Movers cover California (North and South), Arizona, Nevada
New Mexico, Utah, Texas, and Colorado
Tell them Bucks County Piano (in Pennsylvania) sent you!


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