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We understand that our current economy is difficult.  You still want your children to have the best musical education possible. 
Pianos can be expensive.

If you need to purchase a piano for your family and finances are tight, please consider a nice preowned piano for now.  We have affordable used pianos that are tuned and guaranteed.  Best of all, when you are ready, you can trade up to that piano that you originally wanted and receive the full value for your trade (up to ten years).

We can help you get a nice piano for less.  Come in and see!


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We like to take pride in our tremendous piano service.  This means we have to limit the region in which we can responsibly sell and care for our pianos.   We therefore will not be able to sell or service our pianos or digital pianos outside of the area, because of this strong commitment to service and detail.  So, if you are looking to buy from a distance or are looking for shipping or pricing information from outside of our region, we will not be able to help you.  We are sorry for this inconvenience, but we feel that we can better serve our local customers this way.
You might want to question a dealer that is happy to sell pianos all across the country.  Service?
(We will still be happy to help you with any questions you might have about pianos)

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Our Piano Shopping Suggestions


The Pramberger family's history of piano craftsmanship dates back to the late 1700s in the Black Forest of Germany.  Creating a piano back then was an art of earned skill and personal craftsmanship.  In today's modern instruments, the same core values still hold true; though the design and manufacturing technology have evolved, the inherited knowledge, experience and skilled touch of a Master Craftsman's hands are still paramount in the creation of a fine musical instrument.

In1987, after 29 years at Steinway & Sons (first as a Design and Project Engineer, then as Vice President of Manufacturing and Chairman of the ITE Group) in the tradition of the Prambergers before him, formed his own company, Pramberger Piano Ltd.  The design of some of the finest pianos had begun.  Today these Pramberger pianos are remarkably affordable, especially when compared to other instruments of the same level of design, craftsmanship, materials, and construction.  You should definitely take the time to inquire about the Pramberger piano.

Platinum Series - a hand-made instrument combining some of the finest aspects of the Bechstein scale with the Pramberger craftsmanship and design.  Roslau, Renner, sand-cast plates, maple rims, asymmetrical Canadian White Spruce soundboards are some of the features of this wonderful piano.  If you are finding fine pianos that are far too expensive while shopping, be sure to inspect a Pramberger.

Signature Series - grand and upright pianos that are far superior to other pianos in the same price range.  Excellent tone, consistent touch, exceptional tuning stability - all in beautiful case designs of ebony, mahogany, cherry, bubinga, walnut.  You should try one of these pianos.

Legacy Series - proving that affordability does not have to mean lesser quality.  These Legacy Prambergers are the finest pianos available at their price points.  If you are looking for an beautiful and affordable piano for your family to begin that musical journey, then look here.

All Pramberger pianos come with a 10 year manufacturer's warranty


Continuing the incredible selection of world-class instruments on our floor, we are proud to show the Seiler hand-made pianos.  Since 1849 Seiler has been known throughout Europe as one of the finest instruments available.  Now they are available for you to try here on our showroom. 

Eduard Seiler began his vision at Liegnitz, building superior instruments, handmade from the best materials in small workshops.  By 1872 the Seiler piano received the gold medal at Moscow for the outstanding quality.  In 1882 the Seiler piano company became one of Germany’s foremost piano makers and started installing its own action and keyboard.  That tradition continues today - Seiler was chosen as the official Concert Grand for New York's 2011 Summit Music Festival and was recently chosen by the Brooklyn Ballet.

Bucks County Piano proudly features the Seiler piano in both the SE series grands and uprights as well as the very popular ED series of the more affordable Seiler pianos.  Please stop by and see why we are so excited!


Tracing its origins back to 1857, Baldwin Pianos were considered some of the finest instruments in the world, owned and used by such notables as Bartok, Stravinsky, Copland, Liberace, and President Harry Truman.  Baldwin Pianos are now a part of the
Gibson Guitar Corporation.  Now with the strength of a powerful musical instrument company behind them, the fine quality of Baldwin Pianos are back, including the Baldwin Hamilton studio models B243 and B247 which are the most popular school pianos ever built.

Baldwin Piano vertical pianos are here now!  Stop by and see how nice these Baldwin pianos are!

Baldwin also features their line of Hardman pianos.  Affordable yet beautiful - a budget piano that doesn't give up quality.  Come in and try one of the new Hardman grand or vertical pianos!


Since 1839 Knabe has been making fine, high performance instruments.  Wilhelm Knabe (born in Kreuzburg, Germany) grew up learning the art of cabinet and piano building through apprenticeships throughout Germany, eventually building his own factory in Baltimore, MD.

Some noteworthy patrons of the Knabe pianos are: Francis Scott Key (Star Spangled Banner), Peter Tchaikovsky, Pope Leo XII, U.S. Presidents - Hayes, Arthur, Wilson, Hoover, Johnson.  Official piano of the New York Metropolitan Opera House from 1926 (for over forty years).  Elvis Presley refinished his Knabe in white with gold trim and placed it in his music room at Graceland.

Today's Knabe pianos are built to reproduce that same rich and wondrous tonal quality that Wilhelm Knabe first achieved.  The American design team has worked hard to continue the reputation of matchless tone and flawless beauty to ensure that performance and durability continue for generations.  We are proud to show this fine instruments to our customers.


In the 1800s the desirable piano brands were Steinway, Mason & Hamlin, Chickering, and Hardman. Hardman pianos became known for their fine musical qualities, timeless cabinetry and durability.

The official piano of the Franklin D. Roosevelt White House. 
The official piano of the Metropolitan Opera in New York City in the early part of the 20th century.

Today's Hardman pianos are again gaining a reputation for wonderful sound, control, and beauty.  These pianos offer an outstanding value in a complete line of console, studio, professional upright and grand pianos; all which are available in a variety of styles and finishes.

If you are considering a fine piano but do not want to remortgage the house, please come in a try one of the Hardman pianos.  The design and quality are quite astounding for such a reasonable price.

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