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Keep in mind, if you already have a piano, a player-piano system can be added!  You can make the piano in your home into a digital player piano system with full orchestrations and live vocals!
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Imagine you are sitting at home after a long day's work.  You are about to eat dinner.  Your spouse lights some candles.  Time to relax.  As you open the wine it sounds like someone has begun to play your piano.  He is playing soft romantic music for you, live in your house!

Or what if you are having a party.  Lots of people, friends and family getting together, it is going to be a fun evening.  Everyone gathers around the piano as the orchestra swells.  The strings and horns fill the room with sound.  The timpani thumps and you feel it in your chest.  And the piano begins to play.  Show tunes - everyone is singing along.  Or Christmas songs and your great-aunt Sally is bellowing out "Deck the Halls"!  Or maybe the band you hear is Looking Glass singing "Brandy" while the guitars strum along and the drums keep the beat just like you remember from the seventies.

You are not dreaming, this is reality.  Today.  Even on the piano that you bought last year and absolutely love.

Features of the Piano Player System
  • Can be added to virtually any piano
  • Incredible playback expression
  • Comes with a remote control
  • Can control volume, tempo, mute
  • Can control balance and transpose
  • Can upgrade easily and forever
  • Plays whisper soft or very loud
  • Symphony with speaker system
  • Record (your own playing) available
  • You can play along while system plays
  • "Live" vocal songs available
  • Many levels of expression
  • Can play MIDI files

QRS Webpage
Q R S  Pianomation 2

Founded in 1900, QRS can lay claim to being the world's oldest software company.  Their Pianomation 2 system is the precision engineering that delivers the full dynamic range and nuances of the most demanding musical compositions.  Pianomation 2 is also designed to play smoothly at the lowest of volumes.  All done to allow you to create the perfect ambiance for your quiet romantic evenings or your liveliest parties.  Control your player system with your iPad, iTouch, iPhone, Tablet, Mac, PC, Android Phone, etc.

Be sure to check out the QRS player system soon!
The QRS system is installed by factory-trained professionals

Stop by and let us show you what these new
Player Piano Systems can do!
(no more ugly boxes hanging from the piano)


Ask us about updating you current player system!

 Click here for the QRS Pianomation Music Library webpage


Check out our New Shopping Page!

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