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Piano Selection Assistant

We are introducing the new piano selection assistant to help you narrow down the huge number of piano choices you have to sift through before you can arrive at a comfortable final decision.

You will be asked a number of questions concerning the instrument, your needs and desires, who will use it most, etc.

(Your responses are completely anonymous.  We do not ask for your name, address, or phone.  We do not use cookies or try to track your answers.  No one will contact you.  If you wish to contact us or come in to our store - great! but that is your decision, not ours.  These questions are for your benefit only.)

After you've run through the questions (just a few minutes) the Piano Selection Assistant will provide some helpful information, recommendations, and things to ask or investigate.
There will also be an easy-to-print text version of the results for you as well.  Try it!  It's fast and easy (you can always go back and re-enter an answer if you change you mind).

Most importantly, we hope it will help you to turn that dream of a beautiful piano into a reality.

Click here to start the PSA
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For your information: the PSA does not weed through all brands and models of pianos on the market (there are far too many).  We have limited it to the pianos that we carry in the store.  But the decision as to what brands and models to carry was a weeding-out process to begin with.  If we felt that there was a superior piano manufacturer out there with exceptionally competitive prices, we would carry that brand immediately.  The pianos that we sell and service have been selected because of the consistantly high quality standards they meet and the affordability of those instruments.

Check out our New Shopping Page!

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