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Family owned and operated, the friendly source for great pianos

The Institutional Piano Warehouse of
Bucks County Piano
  (By Appointment Only - Please Call)
(609) 730-3933     (215) 946-3388
1613 Reed Rd. Pennington, NJ 08534
Serving the Philadelphia region including PA, NJ, and DE


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Shopping for a Piano?
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Why Should You Consider Bucks County Piano?
Our top ten reasons (these aren't funny but they are true)

  1) We carry the best piano values available - please see our Pianos page
  2) We put pianos in people's homes at very good prices
-  we do large volume so we can buy at better discounts and pass on the savings
-  we have very little overhead
-  we have low advertising costs
-  most of our business comes from the referrals of previous customers
  3) We are a part of the local community
we are a family owned and operated store
-  we're not some large faceless corporation with multiple stores
-  we live in the same neighborhood as our customers
-  we see them in the grocery store, the mall, and at church
-  we want them to be absolutely pleased with their piano, happy to see us, and telling their friends
  4) We have a ten year full trade up program on all of our acoustic pianos
  5) We have a convenient and affordable piano rental program - both monthly and special occasion
  6) We fully prep every piano before delivery
-  tuning to concert pitch A440
-  action regulation completely checked and approved
-  case thoroughly inspected for defects
-  certification that the instrument is in concert-ready condition
  7) We include two free tunings with almost all pianos (one before delivery, one in-home)
  8) We include our One Year Service Guaranty
-  over and above the manufacturer's warranty
-  covers all "maintenance adjustments and repairs" (excluding tuning)
-  you don't have to worry about any sticking keys or stray noises
  9) We offer financing and a 90 days same-as-cash options
10) We "help and educate" rather than "sell"
-  we are low-key, no-pressure, easy to get along with
-  we never try to push anyone into buying "right now"
-  our aim is to help you understand everything you need to know to make a comfortable decision

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When shopping for a piano, focus on a dealer that is
clearly the most friendly and knowledgeable,
and one that appears even better
the closer you look.

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Be Careful of What They Say!

Over the years, we have had customers come back to us describing some of the "less-than-true" statements that they were told by other sources.  Please be sure to do your homework and realize that the salesman that wants you to buy RIGHT NOW may not have your best interest in mind.  Some of the really ridiculous things we have heard about are:

"Nothing good ever comes out of Korea or Indonesia!"  -  Absolutely not true.  The Korean manufacturing methods and high-quality products have set standards throughout the world.  Korea and Indonesia have been making pianos for over sixty years and have won numerous awards and honors for their piano-making achievements.  (Korean manufacturers have received the Japanese Industrial Standard Award and are ISO 9001 approved). 

"Joseph Pramberger was nothing but a glorified janitor at Steinway!"  -  Absolutely not true.   Joseph Pramberger's refinements and innovation led to the creation of many tremendous pianos.  At Steinway he was Design and Project Engineer and Vice President of Manufacturing and Chairman of ITEG.  His 29 years with Steinway included many Master Craftsman refinements to the Steinway line of pianos including the patented bushing for piano actions.  He is, by the way, the son of Steinway pattern maker Anton Pramberger.  His skills and achievements are truly remarkable with both Steinway and the Pramberger Piano Co.

"If you don't buy this "XXXXX" brand of piano (a name you know) you are going to buy junk!  -  NOT TRUE!!
How often in your life have you shopped for a piano?  You probably don't know most of the names.  You probably don't know what makes a really good piano - really good.  Please investigate, ask questions, find out.  Don't just rely on one opinion, or one name you've heard about because of another product that they make.
Keep in mind - almost all manufacturers make several quality levels of pianos.  Are you getting the best piano for your dollar?  Are you getting the best piano that they make?  Sure, that piano-maker might make a very good piano, but are you buying that one, or are you being sold a knock-off or a lesser quality version?

So therefore our recommendation is - ASK!

(Have you heard any other real "whoppers" from sales people?  Let us know!)

A Quick Note About Location and Shipping

We like to take pride in our tremendous piano service.  This means we have to limit the region in which we can responsibly sell and care for our pianos.   We therefore will not be able to sell or service our pianos or digital pianos outside of the area, because of this strong commitment to service and detail.  So, if you are looking to buy from a distance or are looking for shipping or pricing information from outside of our region, we will not be able to help you.  We are sorry for this inconvenience, but we feel that we can better serve our local customers this way.
You might want to question a dealer that is happy to sell pianos all across the country.  Service?
(We will still be happy to help you with any questions you might have about pianos)

With normal use, all pianos should be tuned no less than once a year.   Pianos that are not played often or not at all also need to be tuned, no less than once a year, even if they sound OK.  An instrument that gets a lot of use should be tuned more often.

A piano in under great tension (about 40,000 pounds of pressure).  Seasonal changes, humidity, temperature, room environment, moving the piano, time, and stressful playing all affect the wood that makes up most of your piano (especially the soundboard).  A professional tuning not only puts the individual strings in tune, but resets the stresses of your piano to the correct proportions.  Many years of neglect can actually damage the instrument you would like to pass down to the next generation.

A good technician can also discover the reasons behind some of those little annoyances you might be having (sticking keys, squeaking and clicking sounds, a dull or tubby string response, etc.).  If you have made the investment in a good piano, you might as well get the best sound from it that it can give.

Bucks County Piano's owner is an expert technician.  All phases of the stores piano business start from the viewpoint of "making the piano sound the absolute best that it can."  All of our piano technicians and tuners are of the highest training, capability, and experience.

Hours of Operation:
--  By Appointment, Please Call Us to Set Up a Convenient Time --

If you are in the Delaware Valley area and would like to schedule a tuning or repair,
 please call us at:

(609) 730-3933    (215) 946-3388
 E-Mail us at Bucks County Piano:

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